X the Unknown (1956)

Directors: Leslie Norman
Genre: Sci-fi/Horror

"A troop of British commandos return from a covert mission suffering from mysterious symptoms and horrific burns. Dr. Adam Royston, an atomic scientist, suspects lethal radiation, and must track down the source of this menace before it overtakes humanity. A desolate area of Scotland is threatened by the cyclical appearance of a giant radioactive blob of mud that arises from the depths of the Earth to consume everything in its path. Good, atmospheric sci-fi horror from the masters at Hammer." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is the attack of the giant radioactive mud pile thingy! This B/W hammer production really isn't as bad as the idea of the film would make you think. On the other hand, it's no masterpiece either. The plot is actually quite fun, but also pretty stupid, like most of the low budget sci-fi movies of this area. Some of the effects are quite good considering it was made in the mid-fifties and the acting is also decent. That being said, this is not among my favourite Hammer movies, but it's worth checking out if you're a fan of B/W sci-fi, or Hammer flicks!

My rating:

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