Voodoo Passion (1977)
aka Der Ruf der blonden Göttin

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Euro-sleaze


"Susan (Ada Tauler), the wife of the British consul in Haiti, arrives to live with her husband Jack (Jack Taylor) whom she hasn’t seen for years. She is welcomed by Inès (Vicky Adams), a strange lesbian who serves as a sort of housekeeper. She also gets to know Olga (Karine Gambier), a foul-mouthed and obviously nymphomaniac platinum blonde, introduced to her as Jack’s sister.

Jack seems to have an incestuous relationship with his sister. Susan is troubled by strange nightmares about voodoo ceremonies. After one such nightmare, in which she dreams she has killed an acquaintance of her husband, she learns that the man has really been killed! There are other nightmares, murders and voodoo dolls…" - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
Franco sometimes nails it, sometimes don't. This is one of the don'ts.. It's very similar to another one of Franco's lesser movies in my opinion, "Nightmares Come At night". I tried watching the English dub for about 15 minutes, but it was so ridiculous that I had to turn on the German audio. At the end I sort of wished I'd stuck with the English version, as I'd at least had some sort of entertainment instead of just feeling bored most of the time. The acting isn't very good, and the plot is almost non-existent. What you do get though, is lots and lots of nudity which is nice for about 45 minutes, but after that it just gets boring. One more nice thing though are the set's. Everything in it is extreamly brightly coloured, which is very nice!
You should stay away from this one unless you're a Franco fan like me that just have to see everything he's done, or if you're fan of soft-core porn, which is what this really is..

My rating:

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