Viy (1967)

Directors: Georgi Kropachyov, Konstantin Yershov
Genre: Horror/Adventure

"The film is based on the story of the same name by the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol. The main protagonist of the film, the theology student Thomas Brutus, met Viy, the devil's emissary on earth, one night under some mysterious circumstances. A young woman died in the village, and poor Thomas was ordered to read the burial service over her. But that woman happened to be a witch. And Viy was by the side of the deceased… Thomas saw him, accompanied by the retinue of vampires and werewolves, on the third, most horrible, night of his service… All the characters of this mystical story are heroes from the whimsical, twilight world, where dreams are interspersed with everyday live, reality with fantasy. The acclaimed master of fairy-tale films Alexander Ptushko directed this motion picture and staged all the superimposition shots and stunts." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This 60's Russian horror flick was an enjoyable experience. The photography and some of the special effects are very good considering when it was done. The story and the characters are pretty strange, but that's one of the things that give this movie its charm. It is a bit slow going at times though, but I give this a high rating for its originality, and the very cool climax. If you're into old horror, you should definantly check it out!

My rating:

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