Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg

Genre: Exploitation/Euro-sleaze/Horror


"Jess Franco's Sexadelic Horror Classic

On a remote island, beautiful bloodsucker Countess Nadine (scream siren Soledad Miranda) lures unwary victims with her seductive nightclub act and sets her sights on silky blonde Linda (Ewa Stroemberg), initiating her into the realm of love beyond the grave. After their first carnal encounter, Linda wanders the beach in a daze and falls under the care of Dr. Seward (Dennis Price), who's intent on using Nadine to become a vampire himself.

Complete with wild visuals, girl-on-girl seductions, and one of the greatest pop-language scores to ever assault listeners' ears, this cult classic from maverick director Jess Franco (Venus In Furs, The Awful Dr. Orlof) is now available in a beautifully restored, digitally remastered edition sure to keep you under its tantalizing spell." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Vampyros Lesbos is what Franco's all about. Not the one movie, but the style of it. The dreamlike atmosphere, the slow pace, shooting technique and one of Franco's best classic "erotic theatrical act" that he has in so many of his movies. The plot is paper-thin as often before, but again, that doesn't really matter at all. Plot is not what this is about. The weird and fantastic soundtrack also has to be mentioned. The acting is mostly quite good (with a few exceptions) and Soledad Miranda (RIP) does a haunting performance as the Countess. As he often does, Franco himself has a part in it, and a pretty interesting one at that. There's not much more to say really. I rate this as one of his best, only beaten by one of his in many ways similar pieces: Succubus.
This erotic Dracula adaptation really is a surreal experience from beginning to end and is a must see for all fans of Franco!

My rating:

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