Vampire Circus (1972)

Directors: Robert Young
Genre: Horror

"A vampire's dying curse is that those present should all die. When a mysterious plague strikes, the doctor's son battles to solve the terrible curse. Set in 1825." - from Amazon.co.uk

My oppinion:
Vampire movies usually don't appeal to me that much, never have really. To be honest, I get a little bored by most of them. That beeing said, this is one of the better vampire flicks I've seen. This Hammer production has some some nice gore and even a bit of nudity, and it works well in the setting. The story is rather interesting as well. The problem was that none of the lead characters made an impression on me even though some of the female cast were really nice to look at..
So, even though I'm no fan of vampire movies (except for Jean Rollin's vampire flicks naturally...) I found this one to be pretty entertaining.

My rating:

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As far as I know, this sadly hasn't been released on DVD as of yet.

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