They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore (1985)

Directors: Nathan Schiff

"Cult Cinema Collection

It's country folk versus city slickers when homicidal Texas lawn trimmers Billy Buck and Jacob head to the wilds of the Long Island suburbs to ply their trade. But these resourceful good ol' boys don't just use lawnmowers for grass; they find that people make for good mowin', too! Soon those green immaculate lawns are dripping red with the blood of unsuspecting yuppies, and you might be next! Complete with ghoulish special effects and a nasty twist ending, here's another outrageous mixture of over-the-top gore and sick laughs from underground Yankee filmmaker Nathan Schiff. You'll never look at your weed whacker the same way again!" - from DVDPacific

My oppinion:
I had a feeling this was gonna be pretty bad when I decided to check it out, and I was right.. The plot is practically non-existent, but plot was obviously not what the director was going for here. The acting is also horribly bad, not one single decent performance to find. What you will get though, is guts and gore. Some of the effects are actually pretty decent for a no-budget movie, but some are also pretty laughable, like the scene where they blow up a girl's head. It seems they didn't even bother trying to make that look real. One thing I did like though was the character of one of the rednecks. So badly done it was hilarious. The best thing about this movie is the title, which is just great!
All in all, this is a really bad movie, but with some entertainment value, as it's a "so bad it's good" kind of movie, but it did get a bit boring at times as well. If you're into bad, homemade gore movies, you'll enjoy this one, if you're not, stay away!

My rating:

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