Sweet House of Horrors, The (1989)

Directors: Lucio Fulci
Genre: Horror


"When I try to imagine the impossible I want to become a child again. Only children understand the impossible. - M. Hawthorne

A couple, Charles and Marcia, adopt two tragically orphaned children. The new family moves into the dead parents' beautiful old home and is haunted by strange sounds. Soon, the couple is forced to sell the place and take the kids away, but the house is dead against letting them leave. Learn the blood-curdling truth about the parents' deaths and the shocking secret behind the possessed Sweet House Of Horrors." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
It started off the way I'd hoped, with some nice gory scenes. After the opening scenes, it slowed down a lot and we get lots of bad special effects (the gore is ok), bad acting and hopeless dubbing. Poor dubbing usually doesn't bug me that much, but this was extreme. The voices used for the two children (especially the boy) sounds like they're done by someone way older then they are. This is more like a movie for children, made for adults. (you'll see what I mean if you decide to check it out..) He also adds some failed attempts of humour. The entire movie has no atmosphere, it's far from scary and it comes across as totally unconvincing in every way. What was Fulci thinking?! This really was a mess..

My rating:

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