The Sinful Dwarf (1972)

Directors: Vidal Raski
Genre: Exploitation/Horror

"This utterly tasteless Danish exploitation feature concerns an alcoholic ex-dancer who uses her disgusting dwarf son (Torben) to lure nubile teenaged girls to her house. Once there, the girls are chained naked in the attic and tortured by Torben, then hooked on drugs and forced to act as prostitutes to the woman's wealthy clients. A very graphic, disturbing thriller, this one includes a toy-store owner who smuggles heroin in stuffed animals, a woman raped with a cane, and other unpleasant distractions. If there is any humor at all in director Vidal Raski's film, it comes from the sight of the dwarf's mother, a drunken old woman, imitating Carmen Miranda. Cult film buffs will be delighted with Raski's total lack of regard for good taste and his admittedly skillful direction, while the majority of viewers will be sickened and repelled. Orig: Dværgen" - from a-set.com

My oppinion:
When I saw the title on this, I just had to see it! It didn't disappoint either, it's pure sleaze. I really wonder what's going on inside the mind of the creator of this tale... This thing obviously didn't have a big budget.. The acting is pretty bad (though I've seen worse), but some of the characters are really disgusting (and funny). I especially liked the dwarf character! If you're into weird sleaze movies, you really should put some effort into tracking this one down!

My rating:

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This has sadly not been released on DVD, and I have not been able to find the VHS for sale anywhere. Your best bet would be ebay or similar sites. You can also try to search for it on google.