The Mummy (1959)

Directors: Terence Fisher
Starring: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Genre: Horror

"Nerve-Shattering Shock!

In Hammer Studios' vivid 1959 Technicolor reincarnation of The Mummy, screen horror icon Christopher Lee wraps on the moldy gauze bandages and emerges as the tormented Kharis, an avenger stalking the hills and bogs of Victorian England to track down archaeologist John Banning (Peter Cushing) and other desecrators of his beloved Princess Ananka's Egyptian tomb.

"Lee looks tremendous, smashing his way through doorways and erupting from green, dreamlike quagmires in really awe-inspiring, fashion" (David Pirie, Time Out Film Guide). Awe-inspiring, too, was the box-office success of this third Hammer reinvigoration - after The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula - of a classic screen monster." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Mummy's got feelings too you know..
I've heard people talking about what a great movie this is but I tend to disagree a bit. By all means, it's not a bad one, but there are far better Hammer movies out there, like "The Devil Rides Out" wich is far superior in my opinion. The acting is ok, and I did like the look of the mummy. The sequences from ancient Egypt were nice, and they're also the only parts of the movie where you get to see Christopher Lee without the "mummy suit". The sets, costumes etc. looks good like most Hammer's. The pace of the movie was too slow though, and I did get a bit bored at certain points. Another problem was I didn't think there were any spooky/chilling moments at all.
Yet again I want to say that this it's not a bad movie, but I've seen much better, both from the director, and the lead actors. It's worth checking out though, if you're a Hammer fan!

My rating:

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