The Mole People (1956)

Directors: Virgil W. Vogel
Starring: John Agar

Genre: Sci-Fi

"Three archeologists accidentally discover an underground civilization where survivalists enslave tortured Mutant Mole Men and sacrifice beautiful women to enforce population control. When the mutants revolt the humans must escape.
" - from rottentomatoes

My oppinion:
First of all, I must admit, I saw the MST3K version of this one.. And there's a reason why this one has been used in MST3K. There's nothing in this movie that is good, what comes closest is the monsters wich I thought looked decent enough, considering it was made in the 50's. Other then that, the acting was not good and it had some really uninteresting scenes that felt like they went on forever, like when they climbed down into the underground. I have to mention the ending as well.. What the hell was that all about?? I'm not going to say what happens, but lets just say that there's a women that does something really stupid..
This is really a bad movie, a little bit too bad for me to enjoy it. The MST3K episode is very good though, so if you're a MST3K fan, and get a chance to see that one, I recommend it!

My rating:

MST3K rating:

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