The Last Horror Movie (2003)

Directors: Julian Richards
Starring: Kevin Howarth, Mark Stevenson

Genre: Horror


"Max is a wedding photographer who uses his video camera to moonlight as a serial killer. With the aid of a homeless assistant he documents his work in the form of a video diary. Max is a charismatic assassin, confronting his audience with the mind of a homicidal maniac. But when he realizes "his audience" is becoming horrified at the brutality on display, he poses a killer question: "Why are you still watching?" The answer is simple enough, you know you shouldn't be and that's exactly why you are." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
A few minutes in, my thoughts were that this was a rip-off of the cult classic "Man Bites Dog". And it is very similar indeed, but it still works very well! It's low budget, but the director really made the best of it in every way. The Max character did come off as a spooky bloke and the credit for that must go to Kevin Howarth acting performance! The style, acting and even the special effects were very good. The same must be said about the script, which is very interesting and well done. This movie just sucked me in, and kept me there until the ending credits. There are some gruesome scenes of violence as well. All in all, I was very satisfied with this one, and I'd recommend it to all horror fans.
I think the people that released it should have made more of an effort with the DVD though. It should have looked cheaper (like a copy) and a synopsis for the "original" movie should have been on the cover. That would probably have scared the shit out of many viewers. Perhaps that's a reason for not doing it though, but it would have been fun!
It doesn't get a top score from me though (even if it's close) because it's not as original as the director tries to make it sound. Still, it's one of the better horror movies to come out the last couple of years in my opinion.

My rating:

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