The House That Dripped Blood (1970)

Directors: Peter Duffell
Actors: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Genre: Horror/Anthology


"Scotland's Yard's search for a missing film star leads them to a haunted house, which serves as the framework for this sharp British anthology of four horror tales starring icons Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Ingrid Pitt. In the four stories, a writer's murderous creation comes to life, a wax figure causes a fatal argument between two men, a young girl develops an intense and unhealthy interest in witchcraft, and a film actor finds a cape that helps him get a little too immersed in his role as a vampire. " - from Video Universe

My oppinion:
This is another Amicus anthology release starring two of the greatest horror actors of all time: Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. The first short story with the strangler was a pretty good one. It actually had a few spooky moments, and a nice twist that I didn't really see coming, even though it seemed pretty obvious afterwards. The acting was also very good. The second story starring Cushing was in my opinion the weakest one of the four. That's not due to the acting from Cushing, which was nice. It just didn't create the same kind of spooky atmosphere as the others. Don't get me wrong though, it's not bad. The third story starring Lee is my favourite of the four. The acting performance is good, both from Lee and the girl playing his daughter. Whats great about this one though is the story and the nice atmosphere. Especially the final scene was perfectly done. The fourth story included some nice comedy. Especially look out for the little joke aimed at Christopher Lee's acting. There are several other nice jokes aimed at the horror genre that we all love so much. The comedy doesn't ruin the horror in any way though. The four short stories get nicely wrapped up in the end. All in all, this was a great classic horror with some truly memorable moments. Well worth seeing if these movies are to your taste!

My rating:

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