The Great Escape From Women's Prison (1979)
aka. Straflager Der Geschandeten

Directors: Le Ho Chang
Ko Chang, Dae Keun Lee and Mi Ran Jun



"A Japanese officer, of Chinese decent, can no longer tolerate the disdain his family has towards his political convictions and brutal ways. He decides to punish his family by imprisoning them in a war-prison where torture is the rule of thumb and all other prisoners have been brought for political reasons.

The inmates though are planning their escape and with the help of the resistance will make one daring journey to potential freedom. This rare Asian Women-in-Prison film is directed by Le Ho Chang & stars Ko Chang, Dae Keun Lee, Mi Ran Jun." - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
I've always had a soft spot for WIP movies, and I've never seen one of these from Taiwan, so I though I had to give this one a go. To get it off my chest right away, it wasn't very good.. First of all, it has no nudity, and what is a WIP without soft core nudity?! Another thing was the acting, which at some points was awful, especially the fat lady really annoyed me.. And all the scenes of "group crying" by the inmates were laughable, especially when they were talking about why they were in prison. There was one thing that was worse then the acting though, and that was the dubbing (if you can even call it that..) The subtitles were obviously made for a different audio track, as the subtitles were telling their own story while the actors didn't speak at all.. And this happened a lot! It did have a couple of nice scenes as well though. There's some fun fighting scenes, a couple of scenes of torture and some other interesting scenes which made it interesting enough not to get too boring. The bloodiest scene of the movie had been cut out, but was included as an extra on the X-rated Cult DVD. Unless you're a big fan of the genre, I'd stay away from this one! I couldn't find this movie on IMDB. hkflix.com provides a aka. title which match a movie on IMDB, but I think it might be the wrong one, as the cast/crew names on the cover don't match the names on IMDB, and the release year is 4 years wrong. The one user comment on IMDB is obviously for another movie as well..

My rating:

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