The Grapes Of Death (1978)

Director: Jean Rollin



"When The Wine Flows, The Terror Begins…

A vacation with a friend turns into a horrifying nightmare when a young woman flees from a train, only to stumble into a remote village overtaken by its zombie-like inhabitants. One by one, the townspeople are slowly turning into violent, deformed killers. The local winery may hold the key to the hellish transformers. Perhaps the pesticide used on the grapes does more than just kill insects…" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is "Euro Sleaze" director Jean Rollin's best movie in my opinion! As always with Rollin's movies, the pace is very slow and many scenes are very long. But the scenery is beautiful and it has great atmosphere, the story is interesting too. This is not as sleazy as most of his other movies, but of course you get some nudity as well. For a change, there were no lesbians though.. There's actually some nicely done gore in it also. I'm sure lots of people would find "The Grapes of Death" very boring because of the slow pace, but if you like Rollin's style, I'm sure you'll love this one! Highly recommended for Rollin fans!

My rating:

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