Coroner, The (1999)

Directors: Brian Katkin, Juan A. Mas and Alan Smithee
Genre: Horror


"Pray You're Already Dead Before You Meet.

Eventually…everyone visits the Coroner. But City Coroner Dr. Leon Uraski isn't content with waiting for you to die. He's coming for you…now!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
On rare occasions, I stumble upon a movie that is unbelievably bad. The Coroner is one of these movies.. There's absolutely nothing good to be said about this piece of trash. I was hoping for the best when I picked up this title, as the cover is pretty nice, but it's also very misleading (I don't even think the Coroner on the picture is the actor in the movie!?). The characters are totally uninteresting, the acting is just plain bad and so is the plot. At least I expected to see some gory murder scenes done by the coroner, but come to think of it, I don't think we get to see a single murder done by him. I guess they didn't have enough resources to do such scenes, or perhaps they just didn't bother. At least you get some bits of nudity, some of which doesn't fit at all with the story.. Also worth mentioning is that The Coroner at some points has some of the worst cutting work I've seen in a non-homemade movie..
This is just terrible, and I won't recommend this to anyone, it's just not worth the effort..

My rating:

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