The Coming of Sin (1977)

Directors: José Ramón Larraz
Genre: Exploitation/EuroSleaze

"Lorna is a beautiful woman living all alone, with only her books and paintings for company. Then one day Triana, a wild, dark haired, gypsy girl comes to stay with her. Soon the pair are lovers. But Triana has a dark secret that manifests itself in frightening dreams of domination and humiliation. Unable to resist the strange passions that consume her, Lorna finds herself sucked deeper and deeper into the whirlpool that surrounds her strange lover. A beautifully filmed erotic masterpiece by José Larraz with some of the most erotic scenes in Spanish film history! " - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
"The Coming of Sin" has got to be some of the worst shit I've ever seen.. I've read and heard good things about this movie, but I can't even begin to understand what's supposed to be good about this. I felt pretty bored throughout the movie. Sure, there are several sex scenes of different natures, but that just didn't help much this time.. The plot is really stupid and the ending was really lame. I only found one interesting scene (interesting because of the weirdness of it) where the girl has a dream she's lying naked inside a horse statue, while the naked man rides around. This is also the image on the cover, wich is about the only good thing about this movie.. So, in closing, I can't recommend this to anyone, unless you're an obsessed collector of euro sleaze! Maybe I was just not in the mood for this kind of film, but I can't justify giving this a better rating then I have..

(I don't think this has been released in uncut form yet)

My rating:

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