Castle of Fu Manchu, the (1969)

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee

Genre: Horror


"Christopher Lee returns as the diabolical super-villain who along with his sadistic daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin of The Brides Of Fu Manchu and The Joy Luck Club) creates a fiendish new chemical weapon that will turn the seas into a giant block of ice. But when his Archenemy Nayland Smith (Richard Greene of Tales From The Crypt) tracks the madman’s trail of kidnapping, murder and massive global destruction, he himself becomes trapped in Fu’s impenetrable lair of cruelty. Can any of the world’s top secret agents (including a wild performance by Director Jess Franco) now stop the cold-blooded terror that lives in the The Castle Of Fu Manchu?

Maria Perschy (99 Women) and Rosalba Neri (Justine) co-star in this notorious sequel to The Blood of Fu Manchu directed by Jess Franco (The Bloody Judge, Vampyros Lesbos) that marked Christopher Lee’s final performance as the infamous Chinese madman. This definitive edition of The Castle of Fu Manchu has been newly restored from it’s original print and packed with exclusive new Extras for a disc full of Fu Manchu mayhem!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is Franco's second Fu Manchu movie starring Christopher Lee and can be bought separately or as part of the "Christopher Lee Collection" from Blue Underground. The plot is, eeh, pretty stupid really.. Fu Manchu's terrible master plan to freeze the oceans to ice is "fascinating" though.. I actually consider this one to be better then Franco's other "Fu Manchu" movie "The Blood of Fu Manchu", at least when it comes to entertainment value. Lee's acting performance isn't the best I've seen, but fun nonetheless. There's lots of illogical and not very thought out scenes in this one and I just recently found out the movie has been on MST3K. That could be fun, because I have to admit, it deserves a bit of MST3K bashing..
I can't honestly say this is a good movie, but I enjoyed it, and I didn't feel bored, so I'm happy.. The DVD contains an interview with Jess Franco and Christopher Lee, and that's worth watching.
Only see this if you're a fan of Franco or Lee, because if you're not, there's a good chance you'll hate it..

My rating:

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