Bloody Judge, The (1970)

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee

Genre: Horror/Exploitation


"Christopher Lee gives one of his most unforgettable performances as Judge George Jeffreys, the infamous 17th Century witchfinder whose unholy obsession with a luscious wench (Maria Rohm of The Blood of Fu Manchu) fuels a jaw-dropping spree of torture, brutality and flesh-ripping perversion. Howard Vernon (Succubus), Margaret Lee (Eugenie), Maria Schell (99 Women) and Oscar® nominee Leo Genn (Quo Vadis) co-star in this landmark epic of sexual violence and sadism, complete with a superb score by Bruno Nicolai (Justine) and directed with spectacularly deviant glee by the one and only Jess Franco.

Blue Underground is proud to present the most complete and uncensored version of The Bloody Judge ever released, painstakingly restored from various European vault elements and now including such never-before-seen sequences as Maria Rohm’s forced-lesbian jailhouse encounter as well as additional nudity, bloodshed and what Christopher Lee himself calls “scenes of extraordinary depravity!”" - from Blue Underground

My oppinion:
I had read/heard somewhere that this movie sucked big time, so I didn't have high hopes for it. Boy was I surprised. Of the 3 Franco flicks in the "Christopher Lee collection", this is the best one in my opinion. Christopher Lee's acting is marvellous, and there are some other cool characters as well. Much of the filming is very well done, and the battle scenes look extremely good for a Franco production. Also included in the "Blue Underground" version are torture and nude scenes from a German version of the film (those scenes have English subtitles). Especially look out for a lesbian scene that's totally sick (and utterly pointless), true to the Franco spirit.
As always, the Franco/Lee interview on the DVD extras is great. You also get some alternative scenes and a removed scene + more.
I'd say the "Christopher Lee collection" is definantly worth the money (and this version on "The Bloody Judge" is only available through the collection box)

My rating:

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Version with extra scenes only avaliable in the "Christopher Lee collection": DVD Pacific or Amazon.com