The Blob (1988)

Directors: Chuck Russell
Starring: Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith

Genre: Horror/Sci-fi


"Scream now while you can still breathe!

The Blob has returned in this horrific tale about a vile, malignant life-form that crashes to earth in a cozy, rural American town called Arborville. Untroubled by conscience or intellect, the Blob does only one thing - and it does it well. It eats anything and everything that moves: men, women, children. And tonight it wants to swallow Arborville whole. The original version of The Blob thrilled and terrified audiences back in the 1950s. Now the oozing, gooey killer is back with a whole new high-tech look. What was once only suggested now comes to life in this visually gut-wrenching thriller in the tradition of such classic remakes as The Thing and The Fly" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I've thought about seeing this for a while, but I've been putting it off, as I didn't really expect it to be very good. The concept sounds kind of ridiculous. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a chance, and I really don't regret that! This is a definitive 80's horror classic! It's fun and it doesn't take too long to get going. There's some really nice gore and brutal deaths and it even crossed the line that many horror movies doesn't, killing a young boy on screen which caught me by surprise. The Blob itself looked way better then I expected, with a few exceptions. The acting is also decent enough, and I just love the style and the humour in these 80's horror flicks. All in all, a very entertaining movie that all fans of 80's horror should enjoy!

My rating:

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