The Bat (1959)

Director: Crane Wilbur
Starring: Vincent Price

Genre: Horror/Mystery

"This fourth film version of the Mary Roberts Rinehart-Avery Hopwood stage chestnut The Bat is so old-fashioned in its execution that one might suspect it was intended as "camp" (though that phrase wasn't in common usage in 1959). Agnes Moorehead plays mystery novelist Cornelia Van Gorder, whose remote mansion is the scene for all sorts of diabolical goings-on. The "maguffin" is a million dollars' worth of securities, hidden away somewhere in the huge and foreboding estate. Vincent Price is seen committing a murder early on-but he's not the film's principal villain. Others in the cast include Gavin Gordon as an overly diligent detective, and former Our Gang star Darla Hood as a murder victim. The Bat was adapted for the screen by its director Crane Wilbur, himself a prolific "old dark house" scenarist and playright. Hal Erickson " - from DVDPacific

My oppinion:
Any movie starring Vincent Price is worth seeing in my opinion. The bat is a nice, classic Black & White murder mystery, but sadly it doesn't manage to live up to it's potential. There are some moments of suspense, especially when some of the murders accure, but it's a bit slow going at times. A little annoyance was the large amount of stupid things the characters managed to do during the movie. And though Vincent Price has some moments where he shows his brilliance, this is far from his best performance. Overall, the acting was ok. I'd hoped for a great plot twist at the end, but the killer was the one I'd guessed pretty early on in the movie.
Despite it's shortcomings, it's worth a shot, and definantly worth the $2.19 that the "Platinum Disk" version costs at DVD Pacific. Don't expect lots of extras on that one though..

My rating:

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