Tenebrae (1982)
aka. Tenebre

Directors: Dario Argento
Genre: Horror/Giallo


"Italian horror stylist, Dario Argento presents this incredibly well orchestrated, inventive, suspense thriller about Peter Neal, an American mystery novelist who comes to Rome to promote his latest release, Tenebre. Soon after his arrival, a bizarre sequence of shocking homicides occur which strangely resemble the murders in his book, and he himself becomes the subject of horrifying death threats.
Although the police are stunned and confused, Neal decides to take charge of an investigation with the help of his agent and his staff." - from
DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Argento is doing some really nice camerawork in Tenebre (as always) and the use of colours are great. This movie has lots of atmosphere and suspense. Tenebre is also one of the goriest Argento movies, especially in the last 15 minutes of the film and the murder sequences are really well made. The soundtrack by Goblin is marvellous as always and really helps add more suspense to the movie. In my opinion, this is one of Argento's greatest movies. Highly recommended.

The DVD from Anchor Bay has some interesting extras, including an interview with Dario Argento himself (and his wife). I would have preferred it if they would have had the interview in Italian, and added English subs, as Argento isn't exactly an expert in English. The interview could have been so much better. There's also a film analysis and Behind the scenes footage on the disc.

My rating:

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