Tales of Terror (1962)

Directors: Roger Corman
Starring: Vincent Price

Genre: Horror/Comedy

"Nightmarish Terror…Reeling and Leering!" -Variety

This triple treat of terror is a three-episode "blood-dripping package that includes murder, necrophilia, dementia, live burials, open tombs, exhumation, resurrection, zombies and feline vengeance," resulting in nothing less than "juicy entertainment" and "spine-chilling cinema" (Cue). Mix in three of horrordom's greatest villains, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone, and you've got a shocker you dare not to watch alone!

Price stars in all three episodes, including Morella, in which a man is haunted after blaming his young daughter for the death of his wife. In The Black Cat, a pair of illicit lovers are buried alive by a jealous husband, and in The Case Of M. Valdemar, a sorcerer's spell backfires when he sentences an innocent man to living hell." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Tales of Terror is another one of Roger Corman's adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe's short stories starring good old Vincent Price. the first episode, "Morella", didn't impress me that much, because it was pretty predictable, but it was a good "warm up" for the next ones. In all episodes, Corman manages to create a nice and chilling atmosphere. The second story "The Black Cat" is really nice. This one mixes horror and comedy in a brilliant way, and both Vincent Price and especially Peter Lorre did great performances in this one. The whine tasting scene is just classic! The one I enjoyed most was the last one, "The Case of Mr. Waldemar" starring Basil Rathbone as some sort of evil hypnotist. I found this one to be really chilling, and to top it off, it's even got a little bit of gore in it at the end! And seeing V. Price as a zombie was interesting!
Recommended if you're a fan of older horror (without the gore) and for fans of V. Price!

My rating:

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