Succubus (1968)

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Euro-sleaze/Horror


"This international cult classic stars Janine Reynaud as Lorna, a nightclub performer whose act involves simulated murder, sex, and torture. Her husband (Jack Taylor) owns the club, and is worried about her. Her fantasies are becoming indistinguishable from reality, and maybe she is killing for real. A mysterious stranger (producer Adrian Hoven) follows her around, claiming to be a demon lover from the past. Directed by Jess Franco and also stars Howard Vernon & Michel Lemoine." - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
Now this is why Jess Franco is one of my favourite directors! I must admit though, that most of the time I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on, but that just didn't matter. This movie just sucked me in! The plot is not what this movie is about. It's dreamlike atmosphere works perfectly, and the dream sequences are particularly interesting. And man, did they throw some weird parties!! It reminds me a bit of Franco's "Virgin Among the living Dead" when it comes to the atmosphere and the general feel of the movie. The photography is also great, and shows that Franco has talents way beyond his sometimes frantic zooming. The score is also very interesting and fits perfectly into the surreal feel of the movie. It's also an erotic film (of course), but I must say, Franco have had more beautiful women in front of the camera in most of his other films. And the lead actress' erotic dancing didn't come off as very erotic to me, instead I found myself laughing, which isn't a very good sign.. I saw the shorter American version of this one, and I'm dying to see the longer German version, which I will get my hands on as soon as possible! What can I say, I think I just got myself a new Franco favourite! If you like Franco's work, I'm sure you'll love this one!!

My rating:

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