Soldier Blue (1970)

Directors: Ralph Nelson
Genre: Western

"This controversial, savage Western is based on the US Cavalry's extermination of the Cheyenne at Sand Creek and the struggle of two survivors to reach safety. Probably nearer to the truth of how the West was really won than most Hollywood versions, the final massacre sequence is still almost unbearably harrowing. " - from Sendit.com

My oppinion:
Soldier Blue turned out to be a pretty good western flick, but not among the very best. The problem for me was the female lead. I wasn't too happy with her acting, in the sense she didn't make me believe she was the '"strong woman" she was supposed to be. And the opening song really got on my nerves!! Other then that, I enjoyed it very much. It has very nice photography, score and the ending was very brutal and realistic. I really think Soldier Blue succeeded in getting it's message across.
Highly recommended for all fans of western movies.

My rating:

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