Sodoma's Ghost (1988)

Directors: Lucio Fulci
Genre: Horror

"In an isolated country house at the end of WWII, German soldiers indulge in orgiastic behavior with a few whores. One soldier films the perversion but the filming is brought to an end by allied bombing. In the present 6 teenagers, on their way back from Paris, find the house deserted. They decide to spend the night.

During the night, the soldier who filmed the deviant behavior emerges from a mirror and seduces one of the girls who responds to his violent sexual overtures. As they try to leave the next day, they find that the attempt brings them back to the villa. After returning inside, they find themselves locked in, with the ghosts of Sodom! Stars Jessica Moore, Robert Egon and Claudio Aliotti." - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
The premise of a Fulci movie I haven't seen is always intriguing, but the thing is, there might be a reason why I haven't seen it. Perhaps because not all of Fulci's horror movies are masterpieces.. The acting in this one isn't especially impressive and the reactions of the people when strange and supernatural things happen isn't very believable, no matter how drunk they are supposed to be.. The only scene in this move that had some suspense was the Russian roulette scene, in spite of its errors. What annoyed me the most, was the ending though.. It came way to fast, and it was pretty lame and uninteresting. On a positive note, there is a little bit of gore, and some female nudity at least.
In closing, I won't recommend this one unless you're a Fulci fan like me, because it's always fun seeing the less known movies of the horror masters. Then it's worth a look!

My rating:

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