Sexy Sisters (1976)

Directors: Jess Franco
Starring: Karine Gambier and Eric Falk
Genre: Exploitation/Sleaze


"Another great release in the Jess Franco Collection from Erwin C. Dietrich. 2 sisters (Pamela Stanford and Karine Gambier) live in a remote country estate, but one sister is a slave to the other! Milly (Gambier) is an incurable nymphomaniac whose ever-increasing urges demand constant satisfaction. Her physician, Dr. Barrios (Jack Taylor), realizes that she must have her desires fulfilled or else she may go mad and end up institutionalized. Nightly, her older sister Edna (Stanford), is forced to solicit men for Milly as prescribed by the Dr. Once the men are brought back to the estate they find themselves in a world of sex and depravity! Also stars Erwin Dietrich regular Eric Falk." - from Xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
Sexy Sisters is one of Franco's sleazy movies, and one of the better ones at that. There really is a lot of flesh in this one. If I'm not mistaking, Karine Gambier didn't have her clothes on for one single scene of the movie, and she's on screen a lot. I'm glad she looks really good, or this movie would have been hard to sit through. Her wicked sister didn't look as good, but she fitted nicely into her role. The plot is typical Franco, as I've seen very similar plots in several of his movies, but in the end, I'm just thankful there even was one.. If you know anything about Franco, you should know what you're gonna get when seeing the cover and title of the movie. It's pure Euro-sleaze, and pretty good at that! So if that's what you're into, you should track this one down!

My rating:

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