Seven Blood Stained Orchids (1972)

Directors: Umberto Lenzi
Genre: Giallo/Horror

"A maniacal killer commits savage acts of slaughter and the only key to the perpetrator's identity and motive is the puzzle of the half-moon lockets! Can the mystery be solved before the killer cold-bloodedly claims his intended seven victims?

Based on the nerve-shattering, acclaimed novel by Edgar Wallace (King Kong) and starring Uschi Glas (College Girl Murders), Antonio Sabato (Barbarella, Escape from the Bronx) and the stunning Marisa Mell (Danger Diabolik), come a stylish, crimson-dripping giallo from cult director Umberto Lenzi (Make Them Die Slowly, Spasmo)." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
"Seven Blood Stained Orchids" is a classic and very enjoyable giallo thriller, and what a nice title! It delivers when it comes to atmosphere and suspenseful moments. Actually, the plot is rather interesting and possible to follow too, and it managed to keep me interested all the way. Though well made, it isn't quite as good as Argento's best giallo's, but nobody can beat the maestro! You also get a nice amount of female nudity, which is always welcome. What disappointed me a little bit about it, was most of the murders, as he held back on the gore with one exception: the drill scene, which was nice. Also worth mentioning is the lead actress, which was really nice to look at.
Highly recommended for giallo and horror fans!

My rating:

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