Scream and Scream Again (1969)

Directors: Gordon Hessler
Starring: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing

Genre: Horror

"They hunger for power, thirst for blood… and make each helpless, pleading victim Scream And Scream Again! Horror legends Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing star in this "masterwork of style and suspense" (Los Angeles Times) about a group of sadistic madmen plotting to take over the world- One Severed Body Part at a Time!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I'd heard this movie wasn't very good, so I dived in not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised! Starring three of the greatest horror actors of all time, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, one would think it would be a true classic, but I wouldn't go that far. The fact of the matter is, none of these three have that much screen time. Peter Cushing only has one scene, and Lee only shows up on a few occasions. Price is the one wich is most involved. Fun to see them all in the same move anyways! There are several plotlines wich don't appear to have anything to do with the other wich makes it a bit hard to follow at times, but they do come together in the end, even though I wasn't totally satisfied with it all. At least there's a LOT going on in this flick.. There are some really memorable scenes like the man in the hospital bed that looses more and more of his limbs as the movie goes by. That's pure brilliance!
It might not be a very good/well made movie, but it does deliver when it comes to entertainment! I didn't feel bored at any time during this one, and it was a twisted and interesting ride to the end (despite it's shortcomings). I was a bit disappointed about the small parts Lee and Cushing were involved in, but hey, it's better then nothing.
Don't think everyone will, but I certainly liked it!

My rating:

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