Scrapbook (2000)

Director: Eric Stanze
Genre: Horror

"One woman's harrowing torture at the hands of a madman leads her into a pit of madness from which she may never escape in this ultra-violent horror film. Carla (Emily Haack) is a young woman who is abducted by a violent psychopath named Leonard (Tommy Biondo). While Leonard has done this before, and always kills his victims, death is hardly the worst part of their ordeal; as Leonard puts Carla through his usual routine of humiliation and torture, he forces her to write about her abuse in a scrapbook, which features writings from his other victims, as well as photos of their mutilated bodies, locks of their hair, bits of their clothing, and other "souvenirs." After Carla makes several attempts to escape - which cause Leonard to torture her with even greater vehemence - she decides her only hope for survival is to read the journals of her fellow victims and see if Leonard has any weaknesses she can exploit. Leading man Tommy Biondo also wrote Scrapbook; it was his last film, as he died in 1999, prior to the release of this picture." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I've seen enough horror movies to not be emotionally affected by anything, except for Scrapbook! This movie got to me.. The acting is great and the violence very graphic (at least in the uncut version I saw) and well made. It just looked so real.
Be warned, only see this if you have a strong stomach!

My rating:

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