Schizophreniac: The Whore Mangler (1997)

Director: Ron Atkins
Genre: Independent/Horror/Exploitation


"Harry's hearing voices, they're telling him to kill, and he's listening!

Did you ever wonder how far one movie could go? Schizophreniac relentlessly explores the world of the extreme with Harry Russo. Harry is an aggravated writer, killer, and drug addict scumbag who will stop at nothing to destroy those who stand between him and insanity. Driven by the demonic voices of his ventriloquist dummy Rubberneck, Harry begins his killing spree. From director Ron Atkins comes the first installment of the vilest story ever to be filmed." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Wow, what can be said about "Schizophreniac"?! It's one sick and twisted film! It's original, that's for sure. Also included are several full frontal nudity scenes, both male and female, some bad acting and some less then impressive special effects, but despite that, it's got some real shock value and it's also quite funny at times. It's a no-budget film with rough edges, but I feel that's the way it has to be with this movie. I'm sure most people would find something that offended them in this, so I think it's mission accomplished for Ron Atkins. The Directors Limited Special Edition DVD (cut throat video) has some interesting extras, like an interview with the director and also a documentary/interview with John Giancaspro (who plays Harry) wich shows us that he's almost as fu**ed up in real life as he is in the movie.. You also get 2 trailers for the movie and some deleted scenes. Problem is, the DVD hasn't got any chapters, and that really annoys me!

I don't know exactly if I recommend this one..
"Schizophreniac" is definantly not a movie for everyone. The big majority of people would really hate it, and it's also not for you if you get easily offended. If you do like no-budget, independent movies, and movies that push boundaries (in so many ways), I would at least give it a shot, but you might hate it..
All I can say is that this movie, for me, was a weird and very interesting ride from beginning to end!

My rating:

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