Sadomania (1981)

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Exploitation/WIP


"Franco's Masterpiece Uncut and Uncensored for the first time in America

In all the annals of exploitation cinema, there has never been anything quite like it: Take a luscious young bride (beautiful Playboy centerfold Ursula Fellner) thrust into a brutal prison camp by a sadistic woman warden (the stunning transsexual adult film star Ajita Wilson). Add generous helpings of lesbian lust, bestial perversion and some very extreme violence. Then mix in a jaw-dropping performance by the film's controversial director as a degenerate white slaver. Do you dare take a forbidden taste of the wildest women-in-prison movie ever made?

Banned outright in the UK and available only in heavily censored versions in America, Sadomania is the sicko epic that could only come from the mind of Jess Franco (Eugenie, Marquis De Sade's Justine). Blue Underground has unearthed pristine elements from various international sources to create this definitive uncut edition, fully restoring all of its vicious violence and long-rumored scenes of horrific sexual depravity, and now featuring all-new extras that include a no-holds barred interview with Jess Franco himself!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Said by Jess Franco in an interview on the DVD: "I am completely amoral" I couldn't agree more! First of all, I have to say there are LOTS of naked women in this movie! Actually, I just agree with everything that's said in the synopsis above.. This is a perverse piece of euro-trash. And they didn't even mention the worst part involving a dog... As mentioned above, Jess Franco's gay character is truly funny stuff. Within the exploitation genre, this is a real gem. I actually understand why this one has been subject to heavy censorship.. Only watch this if you're not easily offended by sexual perversion. If exploitation movies are your thing though, this is a "must see"!

My rating:

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