Route 666 (2001)

Directors: William Wesley
Genre: Horror/Action

"One Way In. No Way Out.

When Special Agents Jack (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Stephanie (Lori Petty) cut through a condemned, desolate highway known as Route 666 while tracking a suspect, they discover a danger far worse than deadly twists and turns! Years ago, a notorious chain gang was killed in a horrific roadside murder, and the highway still echoes with its brutal legacy. Now, they must face a terrifying reality...there's no escape and no way to deny the secret behind the force haunting this bleak wasteland." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Just saw this one on TV and I'm glad I didn't waste any money to see it. I actually thought it was a typical low budget action flick until the zombie-ghosts (or whatever they were) showed up. Even though surprising zombies sound like a good thing, these weren't. They looked pretty boring, and not very interesting. The plot was just bad, and the acting was nothing special either, and I really didn't care one bit about what happened to the characters. The father and son, bonding scene at the end is just plain silly..
There's nothing more to say really. This is just a pointless action-horror mix that turned out to be a bore..
Not worth spending an hour and a half on..

My rating:

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