Rigor Mortis - The Final Colours (2003)

Directors: Timo Rose
Genre: Horror

"The latest blood-drenched effort from Timo Rose (MUTATION, SPACE WOLF, HUNTING CREATURES). Machiavellian businesspeople want to sell an internet virus. But something went wrong and uninvolved people get hold of the virus. From now on, every person, who deals with the virus, gets hijacked, brutally tortured and finally killed…Includes FX from Olaf Ittenbach, Ramin Shafiai and Timo Rose. Stars Timo Rose, Dan van Husen, Ben Teewag, Anja Gebel & Andreas Pape." - from xploitedcinema

My oppinion:
German made "Rigor Mortis" is one helluva brutal movie!! The torture and killing scenes are very graphic and extremely well made. There's enough blood in this to satisfy the most extreme gore fans. The plot isn't too good though, and it's got its flaws. There's no doubt that the shock factor was their main goal, and with that they succeed!
This is for gore hounds only, but if you're one of us you have to see this!

My rating:

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