Phantasm (1979)

Directors: Don Coscarelli
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi


"Enter the stunning and surreal world of Phantasm - where nothing is as it seems and every move you make could lead to a fate worse than death! Writer/Director Don Coscarelli delivers this sci-fi/horror classic that has spawned a cult of fans world-wide and which Newsweek calls "off-the-wall, scary and marvelous."

13-year-old Mike Pearson (Michael Baldwin) had always thought that the Morningside cemetery was a little creepy, but when he witnesses a body being taken from a grave by an undertaker with superhuman strength, he decides to investigate. What he encounters in Morningside's white-marbled halls include a grisly murder - by a flying metal sphere with a penchant for blood - a horde of cloaked mini-monsters who want Mike as one of their own - and the evil Tall Man (Angus Scrimm). Experience the ultimate nightmare: Phantasm "will scare and delight" (Variety) anyone who dares to keep their eyes open 'til its smashing finish!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Strange, but very interesting indeed! It's pretty slow in the beginning, but the pace speeds up after a while. I really loved the "tall man", cool character! Also look out for the flying sphere, that's some funny stuff. (even though the colour of the blood there seems a bit.. off!) Well, the plot is pretty "far out", and all though the movie has its flaws, it works very well all considered. Phantasm has a few gory scenes and some funny moments as well, which are both very welcome. I would say this is a must see (for it's general weirdness) for all horror fans. Recommended!

My rating:

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