Penetration Angst (2003)

Directors: Wolfgang Büld
Genre: Exploitation/Horror/Comedy

"German director Wolfgang Buld's (Punk in London, Drop Out) PENETRATION ANGST centers on Helen (Fiona Horsey) a young woman who was abused as a child and who now has a pathological fear of sex which manifests itself in her killing every man that she has sex with. The only trouble is that Helen doesn't want to kill them, but her vagina does, and one by one it devours the men that she hates and threatens the one that really loves her. Bizarre, sick and oozing with black humor, PENETRATION ANGST is a mind blowing journey into the darkest recesses of sexual phobia and madness" - from XploitedCinema

My oppinion:
When seeing the title, I expected something a bit weird and sick, and that's what I got as well. It's a nice mix of comedy, horror and not to mention sleaze! There are several hilarious scenes. I'm especially thinking of the siamese twin's sex scene, which is really fun, but also the sunburned cock. I never thought I'd see that in a movie (not that I'd ever thought about the idea..) So what then if the acting isn't exactly great, and the plot is a bit messy. You just have to sit down, have fun, and don't take it too seriously. When seeing it, I came to think of "Monsturd", just with lots of nudity and sex! I'm sure many will love this, but just as many will hate it, so you'll just have to figure it out for yourself! I definantly enjoyed it!

My rating:

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