Nightmares Come at Night (1970)

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Exploitation/Euro-sleaze/Horror

"An Erotic Nightmare

Cincia is a dancer in a nightclub in Zagreb who meets Anne, a sexy stripper. As soon as Anne moves into Cincia's apartment, a steamy relationship erupts between the two women. Haunted by bloody nocturnal visions, Anne fears she is going insane as her nightmares depict gruesome crime scenes where she may be the perpetrator! Anne gradually loses her sense of psychological balance when the dreams and reality begin to blur. Mix in hypnosis, a jewel theft, suicide and a police investigation and you have a never-before-released super-sized slice of sexy slasher psychedelica from the golden age of European pulp cinema." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This Franco sleaze-fest is moving very close to the borders of soft porn. This obviously was a close to no-budget movie. The Plot is very thin and clearly not too important to Franco, and there's a big amount of nudity in it. The score made by Bruno Nicolai works very well at some points to create the dreamlike atmosphere the movie tries to offer. "Nightmares Come at Night" did disappoint me however, mainly because the acting is so unconvincing at times and this sort of "broke the spell" some scenes had on me in addition to the lack of a decent plot. At times I must admit I was pretty bored by the whole thing.
In my opinion, this is far from being one of Franco's best movies, but it's always fun to see Franco films I haven't even heard about.
Only see this if you're a Jess Franco fan, otherwise I'd stay away from this one.

My rating:

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