Meat Market 2 (2001)

Directors: Brian Clement
Genre: Independent/Horror

"When Hell Spits Out the Dead, it will be the Darkest Day of Terror Humankind has Ever Known!

More than a year after the events of Meat Market, the few survivors, Argenta, Nemesis, and others struggle for survival against the undead in the ruins of what was once society. In their search for a safe haven they come across what appears to be the last refuge of humanity - a fortified compound run by former motivational speaker Bill Wilhelm, and his cult of heavily armed fanatics. but when Argenta is subjected to indoctrination techniques and her comrades imprisoned, she begins to suspect that deep within the compound, more is going on than a simple attempt to 'rebuild' ... that Bill and his followers have more than one use for the living and the undead alike..." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
After seeing the first "Meat Market", I ordered the second one right away and I had high expectations. I wasn't disappointed! In all fairness, the acting is a bit on the shabby side at times, but what can one expect of a movie with a budget of less then $2000... There's one clear exception though. I noticed right away that "the mad doctor" had acting skills (got it confirmed when I heard on one of the commentary tracks that he was a professional actor). The plot is actually ok, but the gore comes first (which is fine by me), and the gore is very well made considering the low budget! What make this movie a classic indie film for me, is the crazy and at times hilarious characters. Again, "the mad doctor" stands out, but also the "meat fucker", the chef, and of course the unforgettable "El Diablo Azul" are great! There's also some nudity involved, and you get to see two of the characters from the first "Meat Market" again for a brief moment in a "funny" sex scene! With "Meat Market 2", Brian Clement proves once again that he is a very talented director. All considered, This is the best Indie horror movies I've ever seen.
Highly recommended for fans of independent cinema!

The DVD (released by SubRosa) is also great! It contains some great extras including 2 great commentary tracks, a really good "behind the scenes" documentary, trailers for "Meat Market 2" and other SubRosa DVD's, a little test (which you must complete to see a little "documentary" (or whatever it should be called) with "El Diablo Azul") and a "Stills Gallery". This DVD is definantly worth buying!

My rating:

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