Mad Foxes (1981)
Aka. Los Violadores

Director: Paul Grau
Genre: Exploitation


"Yuppie Hal Martin (Robert O'Neil) kisses Babsy whiles driving a fancy Stingray. As a band of bikers roll up their leader taunts Hal and spits on him. Hal forces one of the bikers into a fatal accident. While Hal and Babsy are at a club the bikers are waiting outside and beat him up and Stiletto (Eric Falk) brutally rapes Babsy.

Out for revenge Hal hires a friend who runs a kickboxing school. At the bikers funeral for their fallen buddy, the kick boxers show up and beat up the bikers and castrate their leader. In retaliation the bikers turn up at the kickboxing school with machine guns.

Two nude lovers on a beach get dressed and start hitchhiking when Hal drives by. Hal picks up Lily (who ditches her boyfriend) and they drive to this parents' estate. As Hal and Lily make love in the forest, the bikers show up and kill the family and servants. Hal, armed with guns and grenades, finishes off the bikers, but the surviving castrated leader holds Hal and Lily at bay with a bomb..." - from xploitedcinema.com

My oppinion:
This is one of my all time favourite exploitation films! Bad acting, kickboxing, nazi bikers, nice gore, funny characters and lots of pointless sex scenes, what more can one ask for!? This is definantly a must see for everyone that's into exploitation movies!! I bought the DVD from xploitedcinema, and it looked good, not much extras though, but some nice trailers from a couple of other exploitation movies! Not much more to say, but SEE IT!

My rating:

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