La Blue Girl Live 1: Revenge of the Sex Demon King (1994)

Directors: Yô Kobayashi
Genre: Sleaze/Adventure


"One thousand years ago, the women of the Miroku Clan fought and defeated the lascivious race of sex fiends known as the Shikima. Time has finally weakened the dimensional barriers, and now the Shikima have returned to Earth to seek revenge. The nubile Miko Mido and her friends must stop the Shikima from possessing young women and forcing them to become sex slaves. Danger awaits Miko, as even if she overcomes the Shikima’s paralytic poison, she still must defend herself against their demon sex magic. One false move and she will fall helpless before their demonic desires." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I've never been a big fan of Hentai, and I've never seen the cartoon this is based on, but I had heard of it and considered "Hentai Live" to be a crazy, yet interesting idea. I got about what I expected: bad special effects, bad acting and loads of nude Japanese girls.. The fighting scenes looked (and sounded..) pretty dumb, but fun! And that is a good description of the entire movie actually: Dumb, but fun! I'm definantly going to check out Vol. 2 and 3 as well..

My rating:

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