Knightriders (1981)

Directors: George A. Romero
Starring: Ed Harris, Tom Savini

Genre: Drama/Adventure

"Camelot Is A State Of Mind.

Knightriders is the story of a troupe of motorcyclists who are members of a traveling Renaissance Faire. They move from town to town staging full medieval jousting tournaments with combatants in suits of armor, wielding lances, battle-axes, maces and broadswords. The spectacle of this magnificent pageant soon garners national attention much to the dismay of the current king of this Camelot.

A conflict arises as they try to maintain their fairy tale existence in a world wrought with corruption. Can they hold on to their Camelot state of mind? This is a finely crafted film written and directed by George A. Romero who brought us Night of the Living Dead and Creepshow and continues in his tradition of visual mastery here with Knightriders. Newsweek said of Romero's talents, "Romero's combination of wit and horror is the best since Hitchcock."- from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Knightriders is a fun little film, and the first non-horror Romero movie I ever saw. The scenery, costumes and such look very good, and the stunts are truly amazing at some points. I can't believe nobody got seriously hurt at some point during the shooting. The main plot is really about the conflicts in the group regarding the show going more commercial or not, and it works well enough. What I enjoyed most though was the performance by Ed Harris, which I thought was really good! It was also fun seeing some other people from Romero's "Dead-trilogy", like Tom Savini, which I really enjoyed. I didn't notice, but I've read Stephen King also appears somewhere in the movie. There's one problem with Knightriders though, almost 150 minutes were a bit too long in my opinion. Despite that, I never got bored though, and I found it to be quite an entertaining movie, though I'm glad Romero's main focus was on horror!

My rating:

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