Knife of Ice (1972)

Directors: Umberto Lenzi
Genre: Giallo/Horror

"Carroll Baker stars as a woman who became mute when she witnessed the death of both her parents as a child. She becomes gripped with terror as a savage sex killer begins to leave corpses in the area. An enjoyable thriller in the Hitchcock tradition from director Umberto Lenzi." - from lfvw.com

My oppinion:
Knife of Ice was a surprisingly good giallo. I'd never heard of it, so I really had no expectations. It's visually really nice. It had a really chilling atmosphere all the way and the score helped create that brilliantly. The mystery was also very intriguing and well executed. The acting was good from just about everyone. I particularly liked the driver/handyman's character. There isn't much gory stuff in this one, but that didn't matter to me. I did guess who the killer was a bit too early, but come to think of it, I came to that conclusion for the wrong reason... Besides that, I can't think of anything in particular I disliked about it. I just loved this one! The fact that I didn't have any expectations for it might have made me feel it was better then it really was, but it has definantly become one of my favourite giallo's of all time!
(As far as I know, this hasn't been released on DVD, and that's a real shame!)

My rating:

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