Justine (1969)
aka. Marquis de Sade's Justine

Directors: Jess Franco
Genre: Exploitation/Drama


"Justine is one of the most lavish and bizarre erotic shockers ever made by the notorious Jess Franco, bursting with wanton nudity, sexual perversion, and an all star cast...

Romina Power (18 year old daughter of Tyrone power) stars as Justine, a nubile young Virgin cast out of a French orphanage and thrust into a depraved world of Prostitution, predatory lesbians, a fugitive murderess (Mercedes McCambridge), bondage, branding and one supremely sadistic monk (an outrageous performance by Jack Palance). It's a twisted tale of strange desires, perverse pleasures and the ultimate corruption of innocence as told by the Marquis de Sade. " - from Play.com

My oppinion:
Justine had the biggest budget Franco's ever had to work with, and it shows. The great number of costumes and the nice setting is quite unusual for a Franco flick. Most of the acting in "Justine" is decent, but the main actress (Romina Power) comes off as pretty boring, and that's a shame, as she's on-screen almost all the time. Her nude scenes are nice though... One character is particularly interesting, the sadistic monk (Jack Palance), I won't forget him for a while! If you're expecting to see a major sleaze-fest, you'll be disappointed, as this is one of Franco's "nicer" movies and I did feel it was a bit drawn out at some points.
I bought the Anchor Bay release of Justine, but if I'm not mistaking, the Blue Underground release has exactly the same material in it. On the DVD, there's a featurette called "The perils and pleasures of Justine" where Jess Franco is speaking what's on his mind without restraints as usual. It's especially fun to hear his opinions on the Lead Actress "
Romina Power" which obviously isn't his favourite actress..
In conclusion, Justine is not of the best Franco movies out there, but it's still an enjoyable experience.

My rating:

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