Ju-On: The Curse (2000)

Directors: Takashi Shimizu
Genre: Horror

"Juon" is a curse of dead people which haunts the place where htey used to be when they were alive. The curse kills new people only to create more "Juons" An elementary school teacher visits the home of an often absent student. He finds the home in shambles and student living alone. Soon, he discovers, the house in inhabited by vengeful ghosts...

This is the first film in the Juon series directed by Takashi Shimizu. First it aired on TV and was such a success that they released it on DVD. JuOn has spawned four sequels so far, three in japan and one soon to be released American version." - from moviesonline

My oppinion:
What is it about Asian horror and me?? I just don't seem to get the hype!? What I'll give this one, as many other Asian horror is it's very different from American/European horror. It did have a couple effective scenes and it even made me jump on a couple occasions, but in between these scenes, I had problems keeping my eyelids open.. Where's the plot? The way the movie was jumping back and forth in time didn't work for me at all, it just made me confused. I honestly had no idea who was killed at any given time, as I had big problems telling the actors apart. That beeing a big problem mostly because I didn't feel I got to know the characters at all before they got killed.. Thus I didn't really care about them either. As mentioned earlier, there's a few really cool scenes that saved it from beeing a total piece of crap, but part from that, I didn't like it at all. Don't think I'll even bother watching the sequels, prequels(?) and remake(s) of this one...

My rating:

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(At least I think that's the correct movie.. I'm having a little bit of a problem telling all these "curse" and "grudge" movies apart.. The IMDB link above is the correct one at least)