Inhabited (2003)

Directors: David Twohy
Actor(s): Malcolm McDowell

Genre: Horror

"Shut The Windows, Lock The Doors...

The Russell's think they've found a dream home, the perfect place to raise their kids, teenaged son Tyler and young, imaginative Gina. Before long, the dream house becomes a nightmarish hell, as haunting events rattle the family. Strange noises, broken toys, murdered pets - is it the work of the beasts Gina describes or a disturbed child acting out? Dr. Werner, a child psychologist, is brought in to help Gina come to grips with reality. But can Dr. Werner come to grips with the chilling truth - a vicious pack of creatures no doctor can cure. The house becomes a battleground between the new occupants and the ancient monsters beneath. Not since Poltergeist has a family fought so hard for their home and their lives, taking one final stand to keep their home from becoming...Inhabited." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Even though I know I dislike most of the newer horror movies, I still check them out because some nice ones turn up from time to time. Inhabited was not one of them.. I found the movie to be just a big bore really. Can't think of one scene that actually excited me or made me jump. The premise isn't too good anyways come to think of it. How scary can tiny goblins that look like the leprechaun from the movie with the same name become after all.. Must also mention that some of the acting really annoyed me as well, like the son in the family.
Bottom line is, this is a real stinker that I can't recommend to anyone..

My rating:

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