Infested (2002)

Directors: Josh Olson
Genre: Horror


"Invasion of the killer bugs

A funeral for one becomes a deathtrap for many when five old friends are held hostage at a remote summer home infested with killer flies!

A tragic death brings the old gang back to their hometown and they decide to spend the weekend at the vacation getaway from their childhood. What they don't know is that the home is host to a strain of mutant flies that feed on human flesh! One by one, the flies claim their victims, inhabiting their bodies and laying more of the deadly creature's eggs-and no one is getting out alive." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I usually find something to like about any movie, but I'm having really big problems thinking of any positive things about this piece of crap.. There are just so many things to hate about this one. Where to begin? I'll just start with saying the plot is totally pointless, just like everything else about this movie.. And the flies.. They don't look good at all. Besides, choosing flies as the "monsters" doesn't seem like a good idea to me.. How about wasps or some other creature that actually can be a bit frightening? Sometimes they die when exposed to light and sometimes they don't, and the shots of flies eating the insides of a bloke were especially pathetic! And how about cutting the shot of the dead girl before she starts moving..? I guess the makers didn't think anyone would notice that.. And what the hell was with the bug's reaction to the music.. Where did that come from?? The exploding house effect also deserves to be mentioned.. I've seen my share of bad effects during my life, but that was just too fake looking.. There are many more negative things to say about Infested, but it would take me ages to go through it all. Just trust me, it's bad...
Come to think of it, there were a couple of gore scenes I enjoyed, and at one point you get to see a couple of boobs, and that was the highlight of the movie. I don't demand much, so that was enough to save it from a bottom rating..

My rating:

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