Hitcher in the Dark (1989)

Directors: Umberto Lenzi
Genre: Giallo

"The Giallo Collection

The suspense classic by Umberto Lenzi is finally here. Mark, a disturbed young man traveling the Virginia Beach coastline picks up hitchhiking women in his camper. He forces them to take on the role of his dead mother, and if they cannot, he tortures and rapes them." - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
Well, what can I say? This one wasn't really that good. The acting, particularly from Daniela's boyfriend really annoyed me. Josie Bisset (Daniela) did an ok job though. The "psycho" didn't come across as very convincing to me. I did have some expectations from this one, as I'd recently seen Lenzi's giallo: "Knife of Ice" which impressed me a lot. So needless to say, I was disappointed. On the plus side, Josie Bisset is very nice to look at, both with and without clothes.. The utterly pointless wet T-shirt contest was one of few highlights as well, and that says a lot actually.

My rating:

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