Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! (2003)

Director: Worm Miller
Genre: Independent/Horror/Comedy


"Murder... Mayhem... Mowers!

Recent college graduate Herman Schumacher has just taken up residence in an apparently great house with apparently great roommates. But all is not well.

Why did the roommate Herman replaced leave all of his stuff behind, as though he never really left? And why do the rest of the roommates "assume" he joined a cult? And why is there a makeshift tombstone with his name on it in the backyard? And what's the deal with the monster that's stealing Herman's socks and living in a giant labyrinth under the house? As Herman searches for the answers he'll learn that they can only be found on a path that leads to sex, murderous murder, hole-digging, and a Battle to the Death!" - from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
This is an extremely low budget, independent movies, but it's a good one at that. The acting isn't very good, but it's not supposed to be either, so that's ok. The actors seem to be having a good time, and that transfers to the screen too. There's not very much gore in this movie, but there is one scene involving a lawnmower that is pretty cool. The comedy aspect is what's really good about this movie. I've seen lots of high budget Horror/Comedy movies that aren't nearly as funny as this one! The sock-stealing monster in the basement really cracked me up! Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! is definantly worth seeing if you like low budget independent movies. I've given the movie grade 3, but if I were rating the Sub Rosa DVD, it would have been a strong 4 as there's lots of cool extras on this one. For example, it starts with a very pointless but funny short movie and there are also 2 alternative endings, behind the scenes, director's commentary and another cool short called "Magma Head" which is also a fun watch! There's no doubt in my mind that it was worth the $5.92 I had to pay for this one at DVD pacific!

My rating:

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