Garden of the Dead (1972)

Directors: John Hayes

"Prison camp in-mates, whose work-load is the manufacture of Formaldehyde, a substance they sniff constantly in an effort to get high, plot a daring escape. Unfortunately the Law is laying in ambush for them and they're all killed and buried in shallow graves-- at least for ten minutes or so!

The constant Formaldehyde sniffing causes them to return to horrific life as sex-crazed zombies and they decide it's time for all living beings to die! " - from dvdempire

My oppinion:
Garden of the Dead is just under one hour long (just as well really...). On the positive side it did have a few funny moments, and some of the zombie makeup was pretty good. Even though the acting wasn't very good, I've seen a lot worse.. Then to the bad stuff, the movie didn't even come close to being "scary" and the plot is bad. The thing that I disliked most though was the way the zombies acted. I like my zombies to be slow and with only one goal: to eat! These zombies were running around, talking and most importantly of all, their goal was just to kill people, not to eat them..
This is a bad movie and should only be seen if you're a big B-movie fan or zombie fanatic.

My rating:

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