Fistful of Lead (1970)
aka. I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin
aka. Sartana's Coming, Get Your Coffins Ready
aka. Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin

Directors: Giuliano Carnimeo
Starring: George Hilton and Charles Southwood

Genre: Spaghetti Western

"The legend of Sartana continues with this action-packed Western Classic. The action will blow you away with its incredible stunts and quick-draw firepower. Sartana, a relentless bounty hunter, tracks his prey but discovers a greater challenge when a missing shipment of gold crosses his path. Suddenly, the blood files and the bodies drop. When the dust clears, Sartana's confronted by his old friendly nemesis, Sabbath. With Sartana attired in black and Sabbath dressed in white, the stage is set as the two square off in a gun blazing showdown that guarantees A Fistful Of Lead!"- from DVD Pacific

My oppinion:
I didn't expect a lot from this Sartana spin-off, but it was surprisingly entertaining actually. The main story is not very original, but it's got enough fun scenes to make it well worthwhile. The dialogue is often terribly silly, but it made me laugh on several occasions. Some of the guys in this movie (especially Sartana himself of course) have some incredible supernatural moves with their guns. The "bad guys" are so incredibly stupid.. Why do they always insist on doing a countdown before they're going to shoot Sartana?! Oh well, its part of what makes it fun. I also have to mention that the quality of the Brentwood DVD is not very good, but when it's as cheap as it is, you can't really complain. The conclusion is that this is a definanlty a movie worth checking out if you just want some mindless spaghetti western entertainment. Don't expect a quality movie like Sergio Leone's westerns though..

My rating:

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