Female Market (1986)
Aka. Female Market: Imprisonment

Directors: Yasuaki Uegaki

"Young women are being abducted by a gang of modern day slave traders, only to be prepared as exclusive sex toys for their "business relations". When some of the girls try to escape from their prison, the gang retaliates in a brutal and vicious way." - from HKFlix

My oppinion:
This is one extreme and brutal movie! These Japanese exploitation directors really don't hold back on anything.. The violence, rape and torture scenes in "Female Market" are very graphic, and there are lots of them. The shock-value of this one is very high. The dark atmosphere, cinematography and (at times) very convincing acting make it way more disturbing then any of the European "Women in prison" films. You feel bad for watching this thing.. "Female Market" (understandably) isn't available at many mainstream web shops, and I'm sure this movie is banned and most certainly would be cut to shreds in most countries. This was a bit over the top for me, but I certainly won't forget this movie in a long time and I don't think I'll ever see it again..

WARNING: ONLY watch this if you've got a very strong stomach and are into extreme Japanese exploitation films!

My rating:

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